Saturday, August 20, 2011

Licence a must for wildlife trade

berita dari suratkhabar The Star ahad lepas, 14 ogos 2011: klik sini

PETALING JAYA: Pet shop owners selling wildlife need to possess a dealer's licence and maintain a record  of stock sold to customers, said the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Perhilitan). Its director-general Datuk Abdul Rasid Samsuddin said this dealer's licence still maintained the same requirements under the new Wildlife Conservation Act 2010.

“Pet shop traders only require a dealer's licence to operate. No individual animal licence is needed,” he clarified in a statement after some pet shop owners expressed confusion over the new permits and licences  required.

He said it was important that their stock record tallied with customer sales as Perhilitan would investigate any discrepancy.

Abdul Rasid said individual animal licences were, however, required for private animal owners under the new Act.

“The customer needs to obtain a licence from Perhilitan after receiving their receipt of purchase from a pet shop,” he said.

He said the new premises permit required under Section 10 of the Act was only for zoos, commercial captive breeding, circuses, wildlife exhibitions and research.

Abdul Rasid said the Natural Resources and Environment Ministry had met with the Aquarium Fish, Birds and Pets Traders Association of Selangor and Federal Territory on June 24.

He said a dialogue was scheduled to further clarify the issue.

“It will be held once a date is confirmed with the association,” he said.

He urged the public to inform Perhilitan of illegal wildlife activities by calling 03-90866800, email or submit a report via the e-Aduan channel.

fisher lovebird - memerlukan lesen untuk dijual / dibela
peach faced lovebirds - tidak memerlukan lesen
sebenarnya banyak lagi jenis haiwan / binatang yang memerlukan lesen untuk dijual atau dipelihara dan tidak terhad kepada burung sahaja. rajin-rajinkanlah diri menyemak dulu senarai haiwan yang dikenakan lesen dengan PERHILITAN sebelum membeli.sekadar berkongsi. moga bermanfaat.=)

sekian. wassalam.

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