Friday, June 17, 2011


anak ayam kampung
we have four chicks hatched this week and if everything goes well, there will be turkey poults hatching in this two coming weeks.

i'm not sure how many eggs have been set in the incubator, but i'm hoping there will at least 10 poults hatched. this will be the third batch for my turkey hens so the expectation for their eggs to be more fertile than the batch before. and i pray to god my incubator worked efficiently. well... so far 4 chicks hatched. that should be the sign it worked. =) 

p/s : guys, i still have guinea fowl keets ( anak ayam api-api ) available. they are three weeks old now. text me for inquiry. =)  (013 222 0218)

that's all. wassalam.

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