Monday, June 27, 2011

as promised

this is one of the poults  that already hatced. look carefully at the bottom left and you can see, there's another one which is about to hatch. trying to pip its way out. insyaAllah, there will be more coming. =)

a bit messy in the incubator.

p/s : i'm away from home, and only my standard 5 brother to be relied upon, it's hard to predict how much will hatch because he doesn't know how to candle a fertile egg. the only way is by removing any overdue eggs. so far, the fertility rate is something not to be proud of. =(

thats all. wassalam.


Mohd Ammar said...

telur kotor tu akmal,
org ckap akan menjunamkan prestasi telur untuk menetas sbb telur2 lain akan dijangkiti kuman dr telur yg kotor tu.

kalau guna kipas, agak2 terbaik kot.hehe

Akmalhazwan said...

takleh wat ape ammar. da pesan da kat orang umah, tapi orang buat kerja sukarela ni paham la camne. hehe..

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